Technology Impact Sales and Marketing

How Do Technology Impact Sales and Marketing Strategies?

A selection of useful programs will never be excessive. Have you worked in the marketing field for a long time or, on the contrary, are you just trying your hand at this field? In this article, we have collected the most popular and useful applications and programs for marketing.

Google Analytics

A service from Google that allows you to analyze user behavior on the site. Data collected by the service:

  • Traffic data (number of pages visited by the user; the number of sessions; the number of visitors who viewed this website in a certain time; the number of new users).
  • Geographical distribution of the audience and activity.
  • The sources from which users came to this website and the most popular pages.

Google compiles the collected information in the form of a report in which you can find out the site loading speed from users, which search engine or another site the user came from, which pages, buttons, and other elements of the site are most often used by visitors, from which devices users view pages and much more.

Google Tables

Google Sheets provides file sharing, autosave, and access from any device like Google Docs. Also, the service is very similar and compatible with Microsoft Excel. Useful chips for a marketer: data analysis and automatic compilation of various graphs.

Google Presentations

In addition to the standard functions of online applications, Google Slides provides the ability to create slides, change their order, format text, and insert shapes and pictures. There is a large selection of themes and designs. Ready presentations are compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint.


The program offers special calendars for blogging and marketing. They allow you to manage work with social networks, interact with other sites, and share your calendar with colleagues. In addition, marketing Suite is a content organizer, work planner, file organizer, and productivity booster.


A system for working with many projects and to-do lists. Divide tasks into peculiar groups (“boards”); on each board, allocate space for functions in progress, plans, and readiness. Card tasks can be inserted from one list to another, adding remarks and comments, attaching files to them, setting time limits, and sharing with team members. You can create shared boards for a team with project tasks.


Service for creating diagrams, graphs, algorithms, drawings, tables, and links. The application allows you to work with files as a whole team. Moreover, you can share the results with colleagues and track changes.

This program can be used to schedule work reports and create content items.


XMind is one of many mind mapping software. Marketing is a promotion on the Internet, social networks, and all kinds of advertising. When we talk about marketing on different sites, about advertising in different ways, it is convenient to draw mind maps with branches for each location. Or if we organize work in a team, tasks for each person can be painted as a separate circle in the big picture.

This application is cross-platform; it can also create tables, logic graphs, timelines, and more.


The service offers regular calls, conferences with many participants, webinars, and other events.

The free version will allow you to have a remote collaboration or web conference with up to 100 participants, but only for 40 minutes. Then the connection is interrupted, and if you want to continue, you need to call everyone again. Paid plans offer many additional features for information storage, contact management, and the maximum number of participants is up to 1000 people with no time limits.