Free Tools for a Board Meeting

Best Free Tools to Use During a Board Meeting

Free business tools? Yes, please! Investing in paid tools is often not justified for start-ups and small businesses. Resources are limited, and you have to be very careful because the use of software or tools quickly turns into a large amount per month.

Email campaigns with CleverReach

Don’t underestimate email marketing – almost all start-up companies offer a newsletter to connect customers and potential buyers with a brand or product. With CleverReach, you can create and plan your email campaigns and send them out flexibly to a client base of up to 250 people. On the plus side, the German company operates by EU data protection laws!

Project management with Trello

Another free Kanban-style project management tool is Trello. With flexible cards, you can create tasks, assign them to projects, and complete them one after the other. Open jobs are quickly visible, and communication within the team is easily done through the cards themselves. And is there a better feeling than moving a card to “done”? Trello is free for individuals and small teams.

Video telephony with Microsoft Teams

There are many different video telephony providers that you can use even for free. Since many companies already use Microsoft as the standard software for daily office work, using Microsoft Teams as a phone and video conferencing software is ideal. The benefit of working with Teams is that chats, calls, and data sharing are securely and easily combined in one app. This makes teamwork productive and efficient.

Data exchange with WeTransfer

Sharing big data is sometimes just not possible over email. As a free file hosting tool, WeTransfer has become a leader in recent years and offers the transfer of large data packets to multiple recipients. Even without pre-registration, sending files up to 2 GB is possible without any problems.

Smart tables with SeaTable

SeaTable is a mixture of an intelligent spreadsheet program and a database that is also free to use. Up to 2,000 rows can be created in various databases – SeaTable functions are fully available for use, and you can test multiple applications yourself. Whether it’s project management, marketing or HR, sorting and organizing data – almost anything is possible with SeaTable.

Content discovery with Answer the Public

Content creators know what it’s like to search for new content constantly. Important sources of inspiration are, for example, social networks, but there are also various helpers. For example, Answer the Public is a free web tool that displays related search terms for specific search terms and can thus give a creative boost to content.