Decision-Making Software

4 Important Factors to Consider While Choosing Decision-Making Software

In today’s environment, reliable software is an important part of the workflow. Many teams do not have the opportunity to work in full force from the office regularly. All stages of work, from discussion and planning to final edits and improvements, take place remotely. Therefore, not only equipment but also programs mustn’t fail. They can be both desktop and online. In the article, you will find four recommendations for choosing software for decision-making.


Software functionality; its compliance with the technological processes adopted in the company. To determine whether the software meets the requirements of the company, one should refer to the successful experience of using this software in a company of a similar profile (in this case, the criteria may be the volume of tourists sent, the direction of tourism, the number of tourists, the number of specialists working in the system). The success of the implementation is assessed by the head, managers, and accounting departments in different ways. Therefore, it is necessary to know the opinion of all participants in business processes (in this case, you can focus on the category of company employees whose work automation is most relevant).

Software developers are willing to install software for trial operation. Within two to three weeks, each of the intended users of the program can familiarize themselves with their area of ​​work. If the developers themselves demonstrate the software’s capabilities, special attention should be paid to the most relevant issues for each participant in the processes.


Software ownership cost. The cost of the software itself is rarely the final sum. The most important of these is the cost of implementation. Implementation is system customization for specific requirements or changes in existing technology or staff training. After the contract, the cost of these works is included in the main contract. As the company develops, there may be significant changes in business processes and, in any case, a change in the forms of documents and the emergence of new input and output forms.

It is important to know what issues the software allows you to solve by the information support specialist of the travel company and in what situations the participation of the developer’s representative will inevitably be required. Software maintenance should be given special attention in a business as dynamic as tourism, where changes occur very often. You should know how many developer specialists are involved in software maintenance. Based on their number, the number of firms followed, and the time of follow-up, it is possible to determine the limit at which an increase in the number of firms followed will inevitably lead to a deterioration in quality.


Ability to integrate with other significant software modules used in the company. So far, there is no software covering all aspects of the activities of a travel company (tour operator and travel agent). Therefore, the task of paramount importance is integration with various applications used by the travel agency – search and booking systems for tours and air tickets and accounting programs. The ability to integrate with multiple programs indicates developers’ competence and willingness to compromise.

Development prospects

Prospects for the development of software. Since the development of a technological solution is a long process, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the number of significant innovations in software over a certain period. This will allow you to understand how dynamically the software changes.